Salem Hoops Project Community Commitment Award

We just finished our Spring clinic series for the Salem Hoops Project, and I could not be more excited about how things went for the kids who participated. It is so encouraging to see young athletes in the gym having fun, working hard, and improving on fundamental basketball skills.

One of my favorite things about SHP is the chance it gives for the high school athletes to volunteer and help the younger kids with their athletic experience. I believe that giving young adults the chance to serve and mentor enhances their personal development. It also gives them leadership opportunities and builds connections within the community.

For the first time, we have created an award to acknowledge a volunteer who has been committed to serving at our clinics, been actively involved in high school athletics, and most importantly represents the community well through character and academic progress.

Thanks to a donation from T-Mobile in downtown Salem, we presented Tristen Wilson with the first ever SHP Community Commitment award. T-Mobile provided Tristen with an LG G-Pad Tablet. Tristen is a 3-sport athlete at McKay High School. In addition to volunteering at our clinics, he is actively involved in officiating youth sports in the entire community. Through his committment to academic progress, Tristen as earned the Pathway Scholarship to attend the University of Oregon next fall.

Congratulations, Tristen!



Matt Espinoza

A basketball coach with an interest in visual arts. Living to share the love of Jesus with my words, actions, and service.