3 Easy Steps to Prepare for the Season

The season is only a short 2-months away! What could be more exciting? As a player, I always enjoyed this time approaching the season. As each week reached completion, I felt my skills sharpening and my body becoming stronger and stronger. Once the season came, I was in the best shape I could possibly be in. If you are a player who has high expectations and takes the game seriously, there is no excuse to come into the first week of the season unprepared. If your team does not have any organized workouts, you can still take initiative to make sure you are ready for day 1. There is a ton you can do in 8 weeks! There are a lot of great resources available to help you get ready. Here are 3 easy steps you can take to help you prepare for the first day of tryouts. 1. Consistent sprint workouts

Gone are the days of running for miles at a time to get in shape. Research has proven that high intensity sprint workouts will prepare a basketball player in a much more efficient manner than long distance running. The standards of your spring workouts should be high-intensity, short distances mixed with limited recovery periods. This builds your body to be explosive while also prepping your energy systems for the demands of a basketball game.

2. Get your shots up

Skill workouts are outstanding. However, they can be inefficient if not performed right. It will do most players better to get in the gym and shoot. Make sure your reps are at game speed and with game focus. Keep track of your sessions and measure your improvement at different spots on the floor. If you can shoot the ball, you increase your chances of making a team and earning more playing time. Coaches always need shooters on the floor!

3. Develop positive habits

Once the season hits, new demands are placed on your body. A full day of school, two hours of practice, and then homework on top of that can shock your system. It’s important as a serious athlete to start prepping your mind and body for the season now. Develop a great sleeping pattern, be sure to start blocking out time for studying, and pay attention to your nutrition level (an easy start is to start drinking water throughout the day).