6 Years

In May 2009, I first inquired about the Graduate Education program at Corban University. Tonight, I finally completed my thesis. I learned a lot in 6 years. During that time, I stopped and restarted the program. I stopped one more time before realizing it would have been harder for me to not finish what I started than to do the work itself. I had to read a lot of books/articles I had no desire to read and spend a lot of time studying when I wanted to be anywhere else.

There were times I felt unproductive while I was being productive. I learned I can still procrastinate with the best of them. I realized I will continue to find things to doubt myself in, and when I conquer those, I will find something else. I also learned I like to doubt myself to create pressure.

In the end, the process of earning my graduate degree coincided with 6 of the most self-discovering years of my life. Whether or not the process actually contributed, I am a better man than I was in 2009. To me this is more valuable than any degree, and makes me happy as I reflect on the entire process.

One of the administrators left me with this piece advice:

pray for your kids before you enter the gym, and be prepared to learn from them.