A Deeper Look at Team Chemistry

Build relationships so deep that they can bear the weight of truth.

I read this quote recently and jotted it down. Correction is a highly necessary part of the human life, especially for one who has the desire to grow. While there are times when correction is as simple as giving a bit of advice, it can also come from a painfully honest statement.

It is hard to hear people tell you criticism, regardless of the situation. We want to feel good about ourselves, so we would rather hear compliments and flattery. What we really need is the truth that will help us grow. Proverbs 26:28 says “a flattering mouth works ruin.” Continuous flattery and false compliments, unless complemented with constructive criticism, will do us no good in our process of growth.

Before we can value criticism, we must build deep relationships. We will only take on hard, true statements to heart if we respect the people telling us. Likewise, it is easier to be painfully honest with someone if we are close with them.

The best teams are the ones with great chemistry. This doesn’t always meant that everyone get along perfectly. Having great team chemistry means that each person understands and accomplishes their job while being comfortable enough to approach a teammate and have a difficult conversation. They understand that honest words are needed to reach a team’s maximum potential.