An Impactful Day With Dewey Nielson

I am currently reading The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg. One of the concepts has been finding mentors to learn from. Ellsberg discusses the importance of learning, applying, and learning again. Seeking out guidance from others who are successful in your field can be one of the most valuable resources for improvement. In a reference from a friend of mine, I reached out to Dewey Nielson, who runs Impact Performance Training in Newberg, Ore. Without a doubt, I gained some great knowledge from Dewey through conversation and observation. Also, he gave me a list of names, books, organizations, conferences, and resources that will help me continue to grow. Some key concepts that I took away from my visit at Impact not only apply to being a good trainer, but also apply towards anyone looking to achieve their goals.

5 concepts from Dewey Nielson that will Impact your life…


A program is only good if it fits the situation and environment. “You can develop a great workout involving front squats. But if you got 12 athletes and one squat rack, the workout is going to be terrible.” Great ideas can become worthless if they are not within the parameters of what you are working with.


Circumstances can change at any moment. You must be able to adapt and adjust with the resources you have to make the situation just as good as it would have been.

Recognize mistakes

“I love when clients say, ‘I could’ve done better.’ That means they learned a better way of doing something.” If you can recognize when you mess up or could have done something better, you can learn to correct it. Apply what you learned the next time around to attack the situation better.

Build your skill

“Whatever you do, find a way to do it better.” Read, attend seminars, listen. The bottom line; never stop learning. You will never know everything. There is always more to learn. You are not the best at what you do, but you can strive to become the best.

It’s all about them

Don’t get cocky. If you’re good at something, it’s because other people allow you to succeed. Put others first, because the people you serve are the ones who make you good at your job.

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