Be What You Want to Be...Right Now!

I am only in my 6th year of coaching high school basketball. Still, I have heard countless young men express to me in words their desire to play varsity basketball. When I observe them, on the court AND off the court, their actions do not align. They say one thing, but act like another. If you truly want to reach something, the best way to show it is to simply be what you want to be no matter what level you are currently at.

If you are a young player and you want to play varsity basketball, act like you are a varsity player RIGHT NOW.

Here are some things you can do right now to show your coach you want to be a varsity player:

Communicate on the court

Even most varsity players aren’t as good as they should be at this. Don’t limit yourself to “talking,” but actually communicate to your teammates on offense and defense.

Take ownership for your decisions

If your coach is trying to teach you and points out a mistake you made (on or off the court), listen and apply the advice he gives you. The last thing a coach wants to hear you respond with is a phrase beginning with “well...”, “but...”, or “no I didn’t...”. Get better and fix the mistakes you make instead of trying to argue why/if you did it.

Be mature off the court

You should never need a reminder that you shouldn’t skip class. You should never need a discussion on why it is important to be on time. You shouldn’t need someone to remind you to do your homework. Coaches want players who are reliable, dependable, and accountable for their actions.


This idea does not only relate to basketball players. No matter what you want to become, act like you are there right now. Don’t wait until you have the title. Be there BEFORE you get there. Think about what you want to ultimately become. What does a person like that act like? How do they spend their time? How do they treat other people?

Be who you want to be...right now.