How Do You Prepare for Practice?

Foam rolling is a great way to physically prepare for practice. I enjoy getting to practice early. My habit of sweeping the floor is one that I seem to enjoy. It allows for me to prepare mentally for the day and think about the key points that need to be made for each drill. Being at practice early also gives me a picture of what players do to prepare for practice. If practice is used to prepare you for a game, then preparing for practice efficiently is vital.

Here are a few examples of what I have witnessed through the years from players getting ready for practice.

The Launchers

Nothing gets you more ready for practice then shooting half-court shots, right?

The Sleepers

Why step on the floor any sooner than you have to, right? I mean, you’re already going to be there for 2 hours. Use your bag as a pillow and wait for the whistle.

The Timekeepers

Practice doesn’t start until 3, so don’t worry about being in the gym , or for that matter on the court, any sooner.

Just as games take preparation, practice does as well. Here are a few ways you can change your practice preparation.

Prepare physically

Although most teams should start practice with a structured dynamic warmup, it is still a great idea to physically prepare before practice. This might involve form shooting, footwork improvement, or ballhandling work. There is never enough time in practice to cover everything you need to improve as a player.

Connect emotionally

The best memories I have of basketball are through the relationships I have built. Take time before practice to ask a teammate how their day was or simply have a conversation that will strengthen your relationship.

Engage mentally

Reflect of past games and practices and visualize different things you need to make improvements on. Identify a couple of keys for the day that will help you improve individually and therefore help your team continue to get closer to its maximum potential.