Maintain Your Shooting Accuracy: Get Reps!

The high school and college seasons are over halfway finished. As the season wears, it is common for players to become content with where they are at. This has the possibility to lead to a decrease in shooting consistency. As the post-season draws near, getting reps is crucial to maintaining consistency. In the off-season, most players (the ones who want to get better) know the importance of making a certain number of shots per workout. Shooting the ball correctly on a consistent basis leads to a consistent shot when the season comes.

During the season, most teams don’t spend a large part of practice time on shooting. Teams are working on game plans, improving team defense, and keeping the team offense sharp. If you are not getting enough repetitions shooting the ball in practice, it becomes your responsibility to get into the gym and get your reps in.

Here are some suggestions for your in-season shooting workouts:

Think about where your shots are coming from in game situations.

Just as only a small percentage of players average double-figures in scoring, only a small number of players shoot shots in a game from all over the floor. Chances are, you consistently shoot in a game from 2-3 spots. Think about your games (or better yet, watch game film) and see exactly where your shots are coming from.

Focus on quality over quantity.

Get in, and get out. Playing 2 games and practicing 3-4 days per week takes its toll on your body. Focus on getting quality shots up as opposed to getting a ton of poorly executed shots up. In-season workouts should probably be 30 minutes or less.

Keep your technique consistent.

Good OR bad. At this point, a major overhaul to your form might be more detrimental than helpful. However, minor tweaks can do wonders if you are in a slump. Whatever you do, keep it the same on every shot. Inconsistent form leads to inconsistent shooting.