My Coaching Goals (or Lack Thereof)

“What are your goals? Where do you want to end up?” These are questions I constantly hear. And while there was a time in my life when I had dreams of getting to get a job at a major university or even to the NBA, my spiritual formation has changed the way I see the future. I no longer think in terms of where I want to be someday, but rather in terms of here I am now. To me, it’s more important that I am diligent in my current situation than focused on the possibilities of future settings.

I am reading The Hoops Whisperer by Idan Ravin, and his thoughts on faith align with me:

“To me, faith involves feeling confident in what I hope for even when I can’t see it. Dreams require a vivid destination. Dreams are when you aim for the stars; faith is the certainty that you’ll reach one, even if it’s not the one you originally had in mind.”

If am a being a good steward with the opportunities God has provided me, I can trust that his provision will take me where I need to be. He will put people in my lives that can mentor me. He can give me opportunities to stretch myself and become better than I ever thought I could be. He will encourage me to get outside of my comfort zone.

A dream would be created by me, and my decisions would be made with meditation on how they would effect that dream. They would limit me to one thing. Faith allows my future to have many paths that I do not know of, but are greater than anything I could imagine. Had I followed the dreams I had 6 years ago, I may never have started the Salem Hoops Project, I may be considered more “successful” by those who do not know me, and I may even have a larger income. But I would be miserable because I would not be authentic in what I do.

My coaching goals have no destination, but rather are built on progress, people, and serving God. I don’t focus on making moves for the future, I focus on being a servant where I currently am and who I am currently with. My destination will be paved by God. In that, I have faith.