One Thing Not to Eat...

“Whatever health problems concern you, whether for a loved one or yourself, the answer is often found in diet and how the body reacts to foods.”-James Braly, M.D.

Since January, I have been eating primal (more commonly known as paleo). The main staple of eating this way is the elimination of grains from your diet. Commonly, people believe this is because they have a high carbohydrate content which leads to an insulin rush then causing weight gain. While this does happen, it is not the main reason to avoid grains. Because popular belief and political motivations still influence dietary recommendations, most people still assume that a nutritious diet begins with 6-11 servings of wheat/bread/cereal products, a necessity for energy. This is far from the truth. Over-consumption of gluten grains is detrimental to our health, and eliminating them from our diet can give us more sustained energy. Here are some quick facts about grains.

-Grains contain morphine-like substances that affect behavior, cause learning difficulties, change emotions and moods, and cause or worsen neurological diseases -When gluten (found in grains) is constantly being replenished in our diet and allowed to remain in circulation, it will cause damage to a variety of tissues and body organs -Dairy and grain products are the 2 most common reported allergens in the world, yet the make up our top 6 food choices -With many diseases drug treatment may control symptoms. But a grain-filled diet will continue to damage tissues, organs, and body systems -If you feel addicted and have constant cravings for high-gluten foods (grains), testing for celiac disease is necessary -Strict avoidance of gluten quickly leads to healing of the intestinal wall and improved nutrient absorption -Iron deficiency can often be reversed by eliminating grains -Grain consumption creates a Vitamin A deficiency, which can stunt growth in children and negatively impact adult bones -The poor assumption that excluding grains from our diet is a way of depriving ourselves and causing suffering is foolish. it also reflects the addictive impact this food can have. -We are NOT genetically well-equipped to consume grains

I am not a doctor. I do not think I have the answers for saving the illnesses and diseases of the world. What I am is an gatherer of information which I want to share with as many people as I can. While I do not think that eliminating grains will make all humans disease-free, I do think that it strongly improves our quality of life and reduces the risk of life-threatening illnesses and chronic symptoms. Simply attacking symptoms with drugs and treatment is not the answer. We must also value our diet. What we are eating is strongly infulences our health.