Our Hunger Problem

We have a hunger problem. Over the course of history we have developed this hunger problem, and it affects us more than we know. If you were to ask someone, they would probably deny it. But it’s true, we have a hunger problem. We have developed an appetite in which our consumption is not based on need, but on availability. It’s not that we lack food; the amount of food we have in front of us is plenty to feed communities. The problem is we refuse to fill ourselves with food that provides us with what we need for efficient development and functioning.

This leads to a lack of satisfaction, leaving us wanting more. Ever had five cookies and still wanted more? (I know I have...) We keep eating because what we are eating does nothing for us. Therefore, it leaves us wanting more, which generally leads us to eating more. If one serving of potato chips would provide us with what we need, then the bag would not be empty after one sitting. And we wouldn’t reach for a soda after the chips.

Until we realize that our diets should be filled with foods that fulfill what our bodies need as opposed to processed foods and grains, we will remain hungry. We will reach for food because we will remain searching for something we need. We will complain about chronic symptoms, problems with sleep patterns and energy levels, and see a continued rise in obesity and diabetes.

Most of us are so focused on the instant gratification of what we are doing that we neglect how our choices produce our future results. You may seem perfectly healthy while continuing to lean on drive-thru products and sugar filled beverages. You might think that a short, weekly jog or 100 crunches every other day is enough to keep you at a good fitness level. The problem is, the longer you make those choices, the harder it will be to break the habits that they form. The once healthy body you thought you had will turn on you. You will try to rely on medical advancements to trick yourself into believing you are healthy; striving to attack symptoms without reaching the root of the problems. No matter what happens, you will still not be satisfied. You will still be hungry.