Salem Hoops Project

It has been a while since my last post. My summer has been filled with coaching for McKay HS, helping to run the Willamette Pro Hoop Camp, and training kids at Shoot 360. Most importantly, the start of my new organization took form. The Salem Hoops Project was initiated in July, and has provided nearly 50 kids in the Salem area with free basketball training. Basketball training should not be such a luxury that only a limited number of kids have the chance to participate. Camps can cost anywhere between $300-400 for one week. For some families, that is a month of rent. The Salem Hoops Project was formed with those kids in mind. Basketball is a game, and more importantly, can be an avenue for growth and development for youth. It does not always have to be a business.

I am excited for the future of this. My vision is constantly being updated. I will still be open for one-on-one training session at my normal rate of $30 per 30-minute workout. But I will first point people to the free group workouts. High school workouts will resume in September. The elementary and middle school programs will begin in November. Stay updated on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out this clip from one of our summer workout sessions!