The ATHLETE'S Back to School List

School is only a week away for high schoolers, and some colleges are already underway. But fall practices are in full swing. This list is for student-athletes who view their athletic performance as an important part of their life. So in addition to the paper and pencil list you may have already bought, here are some items that every athlete NEEDS this coming school year. Click on the item's image to view on








For the life


The Compound Effect

I know, reading is boring. But do you what’s not boring? Succeeding at something that is important to you. The Compound Effect is must read for ANYONE who has a goal. I wish I would have had this book when I was a student-athlete. There are clear, outlined steps for actions you can take to improve, no matter what sport you play.

Foam Roller

Foam rolling is one of the most effective ways you can relieve soreness and stiffness from muscles from your house. Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to properly learn how to foam roll, but you can also use YouTube to find some demonstrations.


For the day


Primal Fuel

After your weight training class (you do have a weight training class, right?) it is important to provide your body with nutrients. A Snickers and a Gatorade will not be the answer for you. A quick protein shake is an efficient way to do this when you have classes to get to. There are some other high quality protein powders on the market besides Primal Fuel, so don’t feel limited to this one.

Blender Bottle

A quick way to mix your protein shake after a mid-day workout. Wash it when you get home, and reuse it the next day.

Fit and Fresh CleanTek Vortex Hydrator

A hydrated muscle will perform better than a dehydrated muscle anyday. Be consistent with drinking water throughout the day. Since people complain about school water fountains all of the time, this CleanTek bottle is ideal because it has an inserted chill pack and also a built in water filter.


For the road


Tiger Tail

A great way to get your muscles prepared to play. You can use a Tiger Tail on the bus or in the locker room before you stretch or warm-up. For post-game, using a Tiger Tail will keep you fresh for the next day. The benefits for limiting stiffness and soreness allow you to recover faster. Because this is portable, you can use it on the bus after games.

Zig Ziglar Audio - “How to Stay Motivated”

How many times do you need to hear the latest Meek Mill mixtape on your road trips this year? Zig Ziglar is one of the top speakers of motivation and improvement philosophy. Try listening to this presentation to get a new perspective on what hard work needs to be productive. Maybe instead of texting during it, you can take notes.

DCI Large Collapsible Lunch Box

Road trips are best known for junk food and fast food stops. This lunch box allows you to pack a pre-cooked meal and some snacks that will help your body prepare for performance. Believe it or not, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are not an athlete’s friend. If you need tips on what kind of food to pack, just send me an email at .