The Tough Moments of Significant Change

Last Sunday was my final weekend attending Salem Alliance Church due to moving out of the area. It was a significant moment for me. I usually do not find things like this so important or meaningful. But this change, to me, is a huge change because of the growth I have experienced in my 2 years of attending. Change can be hard for coaches because of our drive to reach consistency. There are many types of change that coaches can see, from new jobs, new players, and also new offensive or defensive systems. While some changes are exciting and easy to make, others can leave us in a place of resistance.

When we grow as individuals and make life-lasting relationships through an experience, change can be seen as an attack on who we are becoming. I talked previously about my experience with the McKay Hoops class of 2014. Seeing that group go was hard because I became a better coach and person during my time of coaching them. But with a mindset of welcoming the change of a new group, I have been able to start the process again, with myself and with the players. On the contrary, when we are stagnant in a situation, all we can think about is what else is out there and how we can change.

If I ever leave McKay and coach elsewhere, I am sure that my feelings will be similar to that of leaving Salem Alliance Church; grateful for what it has done to me, and excited to see what lies ahead. When change comes to your current situation, even if you think you’re situation is ideal, think about the possibilities rather than sacrifice. Consider that a big change could continue to help you develop in all parts of your life.