What Your Spring Should Look Like

Spring break is only a week away. And next season is only 8 months away. It’s time to start formulating a plan to improve as player and help your team improve. Getting in the gym is a good start, there is much more to it then being in the gym for crazy amounts of time. The spring is also a great time to rest your body after 4 grueling months. As you move into your spring training program, here are some things that can help you prepare for next season right now.

* * *

Gain muscle

Most likely you have lost muscle and strength during the season. Even if you maintained an in-season training program, the amount of stress your body was under probably deteriorated some of your strength. The spring is a great time to put on muscle. The goal shouldn’t be to gain a specific amount of muscle weight, but rather to increase strength. As a basketball player, it isn’t extremely important to be bulky. It’s more important to be strong. Building strength now will set the foundation for speed, quickness, and explosion.

Get rest

In order to develop strength, your body has to rest. Part of rest is sufficient recovery. Doing mobility exercises, corrective exercises, and foam rolling are great things to do instead of steady-state aerobic activities like jogging or biking. Another aspect of rest is mental rest. Find time to do leisure activities that you don’t have time for during the season. And, of course, sleep! Develop a regular sleep schedule. For example, in bed every night by 10 pm and awake every morning by 6:30 am. This helps your body and mind much more than staying up til 2 am and sleeping until noon.

Grow your skill set

Every player has weaknesses. LeBron is arguably the best player in the world and is still hounded about certain aspects of his game. You can, and need to, get better. Talk with your coach and figure out what you can improve on to help your team succeed. Regardless of what your personal limitations are as a player, everybody should be looking, at the least, to improve their ability to shoot and handle the ball. Rather than just getting mass amount of shots up, try to improve your shooting mechanics first.


If you play a spring sport, you are still doing something productive. Developing as an overall athlete is something that is overlooked nowadays (and something I overlooked as a young athlete). But if you plan on spending your spring time playing 2k and tweeting with plans of killing it on the court next season, you need to figure it out!