You Can Compete at a High Level Even if Your Are Not an Olympian

Watching the Olympic games ignites a competitive fire in me. No matter the sport, I can’t help but imagine myself competing in the red white and blue. I start to think about the preparation those athletes go through and I get real excited. Then I realize how lucky we all are. We don’t need to be at the highest level of performance to train and compete. We can compete with ourselves; with our individual goals. What are you competing for this summer? What have you always wanted to accomplish but never followed through on doing the work for? There is no minimum or maximum level when it comes to a personal goal. Some people might decide they want to be able to run a marathon, others might desire to finally be able to do one complete pull up. The beauty of achievement is that it is unique to each individual.

Competing at a high level is specific to you. Pushing yourself beyond your limits to achieve something you have always wanted to achieve is competing at a high level. If you are doing something you enjoy, don’t consume yourself with being THE best. Instead, focus on being YOUR best.

The Olympics are only 5 weeks away. What do you want to accomplish in 5 weeks of training? And, most importantly, how will you prepare for success?