Your Approach During Tryouts

Tryouts are approaching quickly! While some players are confident in their standing with the team, others are fighting for their chance to be a part of the program. I have a few tips for each category of players.  

If you are confident…



Set the standard for which you expect all players to work like. Show everyone else that it is not easy to be a part of the team they are trying out for. If it was easy, anyone could do it.


If you believe that you are a lock for your team, create a culture of serving early on. Any chance you get, help to meet your teammates needs. This can be as simple as being the first player to get to the huddle, picking up basketballs/equipment after practice, or getting water for an exhausted teammate.


Communicate on the court! Other players will be nervous and may not be willing to step out of their comfort zone. Show the importance of communication within the game by talking with your teammates on and off the court.


If you are fighting…



Follow instructions. Coaches do not want to have to continuously explain themselves. Listen to what the coach wants in each drill. If you do not fully understand, sit out a few reps and watch the more experienced players do it before you jump in.


Be the hardest working player on the floor. Coaches will notice you if your work ethic is on a higher level than the others. Once you have their attention, you can be assured you will be seen and observed.


No matter what you do, you still need to be able to play. Knock down your open shots and limit your turnovers. Be aggressive, but don’t try and do too much. And you definitely need to be able to defend!