New Website, Same Vision

The fall clinic series was so encouraging to the vision of the Salem Hoops Project.



The goal has always been to provide children with a chance to enjoy high-level basketball training regardless of their economic situation. This fall brought a lot of new faces, along with plenty of familiar ones. Needless to say, I am excited for the future.


I hope to continue to provide more consistent opportunities in the future. In my life, basketball was such a positive thing for me to be involved with. Throughout my career, the game taught me about leadership, discipline, physical health, and much more. I don’t think you have to play basketball to learn these things, but for kids who were like me, it is the best way to learn them.


The Salem Hoops Project will continue to be a place for all children to come and learn about the game. These clinics are designed to be a place of learning for athletes of all skill levels and amounts of experience.


Matt Espinoza

A basketball coach with an interest in visual arts. Living to share the love of Jesus with my words, actions, and service.