When is Change Necessary? - - The Firing of Kevin McHale

I have not been up to date on most NBA news in the past couple years. But when I heard that the Houston Rockets fired their head coach Kevin McHale, I had to check it out. This was a team that was a couple wins away from reaching the NBA Finals last season. With a slow start this season, they felt this was the way to get things on the right track.

We’re going to continue to make changes until we get things right.
— Rocket's GM Darryl Morey

I am currently reading a book titled Change Before You Have To. The premise of the book is to make changes in your behavior or habits before problems are created that force you to make those same changes.



This makes me evaluate what the Rockets did in a different way rather than simply right decision versus wrong decision.



What were some issues the Rockets could have took action with before this season even began?



As people, our mantra is usually “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” While I understand that quote, some things aren’t quite broke, but they are breaking down. Within a team, there are far more things to pay attention to than talent level. As an individual, if we are only focused on our results, we are not setting ourselves up for long-term success. Pay attention to your energy levels, positive/negative relationships, and self-motivation. These are key areas of our lives that will signal some need for change.




Matt Espinoza

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