Kobe's Thoughts on Leadership: Approach Uncomfortable Situations

Great teams always have great leaders. Whether it’s a coach or a player, great leaders find ways to keep the team accountable and on track towards success. One of the hardest traits of leadership is the ability to approach uncomfortable situations that are necessary to get people back on track. This is hard because most people are afraid of others’ opinion of them. If they try and correct or admonish one of their teammates, they are afraid of the reaction they might get. In a recent interview, Kobe Bryant compared this to telling someone at a dinner party that they have something in their teeth. While most people don’t want to offend someone by telling them they notice a huge chunk of food in their teeth, it would be worse for that person to go all night not knowing they have something in their teeth. A brief moment of uncomfort can help everyone in the long run. Check out the clip below. https://youtu.be/GSY1xlN_hrg