Share and Grow - - Say No to Ego

Proverbs 11:25 “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

The best thing about basketball is the people I have met through the game. Most of the people closest to me can be traced through my lineage of playing and coaching. There are many people I have talked to who would say the same. Athletics in general provide a social component that allows its’ participants to see each other in nearly all emotional states. The best growth occurs when athletes are able to collaborate and push each other.

So why are we usually so driven by our egos and pride that we refuse to ask for help or share what’s working for us?

I feel like generosity is missing in athletics, or even considered “soft.” We get so competitive within the game that we can easily forget to reflect on our growth. Our concern is too high on the win/loss spectrum that we take things personal which disables our mind to developing understanding.

When I was reading Proverbs 11, I started thinking about what it really is about basketball that has caused it to be a large part of my life. It’s the connections with people that I remember the most. And if that is what sticks in my mind, why should I be too concerned with winning to be generous in my attitude. I will only be able to reach my highest potential if the people I surround myself with are helping me along the way.