Remain in Love - - Notes From Bob Goff

I had the pleasure of hearing best-selling author Bob Goff speak at my church this past Sunday. His theme was from John 15:1 - remain (or abide) in love. If you have not read the his book Love Does, I highly recommend it. If you are a person who has ideas on ways you want to impact the world, but feel that your ideas are too big or not practical, this book will open your mind to believe that one small act of love can cause a major difference in the lives of others. As far as Bob’s speaking goes, he is an energetic man with plenty to share. There was so much that he talked about, but I will just share my biggest three takeaways from what he shared.

Have difficult conversations in the right places.


Let go and stop being cool. Understand that you are not the center of what is going on. Understand that what you want for yourself is not always the best thing for yourself. The more we chase humility, the more likely we will be to sacrifice ourselves for the good of others.

I met somebody who told me who I was.


Bob spoke of a period in his life when he carried a physical bucket to remind himself that he carried who he was becoming with him. Carrying pride around in a bucket will weigh you down. But filling your bucket with generosity will make life easier. Fill your bucket with things you want to be with you at all times.

People don’t fall out of love, they lose their imagination.


...should be our reaction in life. We should never get to the point where we are not challenging ourselves or letting God challenge us. Often in life, we hope for things to be easy and for worldly blessings to be poured upon us. If this is our life, then where is our opportunity for sacrifice and reliance upon our savior?

People who are comfortable don’t need Jesus.