The Interruptible Message of Christmas

Even though I am no longer in elementary school, I still get excited for everything that comes with Christmas. Yes, I enjoy the festive decorations, the holiday movies and the fact that most people are in a better mood. The best part of basketball season was always Christmas as well. Especially in college, because school was out for 3 weeks, and all we had to focus on was basketball. The small amount of per diem we got made us feel like pros for a bit (if pros made less than minimum wage). The problem with Christmas has become that our plans and desires are being put into the foreground. The most asked question is becoming “what do you want for Christmas?” Even the most selfless of people can get caught up in their plans for celebrating and deflate the mood of others if their plans don’t go accordingly.

My thoughts here are not to condemn or judge. I love presents and I also like to see my ideas come to fruition. My thoughts come from the story of Christmas and the fact that God interrupted the plans of an unmarried couple for the greater good of the world.

Take interest how God is interrupting your life, perhaps to your discomfort. Can this be a movement of the Holy Spirit in your life for something greater than the interests you have?

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thank you to everyone who is encouraging the growth of the Salem Hoops Project within the community. It is your support and involvement that is allowing youth in Salem to be given an opportunity to participate in basketball skills training regardless of economic status.